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Dignitary protection

image004High ranking people in positions of power have always been targets for political adversaries and the criminal element that would seek to extort them. For these reasons, dignitary protection forms the heart of our operations and training.

Dignitary threats
The threats looming over dignitaries come in two main forms: political or criminal.
Political threats come from ideological adversaries that would use violence as a political tool. While usually shunned in most western countries, political and ideological violence is prevalent in many places of the world. Even in western countries, there is always the risk of a lone gunman that would seek to cause political change with an act of violence, and of terrorist groups that would cross land and sea to further their nefarious plans.

On the other hand, the criminal underworld constantly seeks to close in on those in position of power, in order to extort or murder them. This kind of violence would enable the criminals to affect the political system in their favor, and an unprotected person in a position of power is a danger to the democratic system.

Elite protection
Providing dignitary protection is at the heart of our operations. All our agents are highly trained ex-operatives of various armed forces and security services. Their skill and experience in combat situations allows them to react and respond to any situation, and proceed to counter and eliminate any kind of threat that may arise. On top of that, our elite risk assessment allows us to prepare in advance to many scenarios, and allows us to provide our clients with the best protection money can buy.