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Equipment and technology

image007To make sure one is safe and secure, they need to use the best technology the modern security industry has to offer. Security technology and equipment can be divided into three groups: Information and day to day equipment, counter measures, and combat equipment

Information and day to day operations
The first line of defense is knowledge. Integrated security systems are designed to allow security personal to keep watch on everything. A command post or war room uses these systems to coordinate security efforts, and to make sure there are no holes in the security envelope. These technologies include (but are not limited to) camera and surveillance equipment, communication equipment that includes GPS capabilities, tiered communication levels that make sure no one is out of the loop and more.


Counter measures
Counter measures are all the systems that work to counter the acts of malicious parties. These include (But are not limited to) jamming devices to shut down espionage and enemy communication, EMP devices that would scramble stolen data, polarized windows to deter surveillance and more.

Combat equipment
When all else fails, combat gear is what sets the difference between life and death. A well-armed, well-equipped security guard can deal with threats that a poorly equipped one cannot. Combat gear included (but is not limited to) weapons – both firearms and hand to hand weapons – bullet proof vests and vehicles and secure communication systems that would allow security personal to maneuver around each threat in order to neutralize it in the most efficient way.