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Loss prevention

image009Loss prevention aims to up profitability by lowering the costs associated with losses of items, equipment and gear, if due to theft or reckless use. We are dedicated to increase loss prevention in all our clients, in various ways.

Loss prevention training
With years of experience, we hold management training that aims to help mangers deal with loss and create loss prevention policies that would enable them to diminish loss as much as possible.

This training will help security staff locate and eliminate theft, and bring to a minimum any kind of deterioration due to reckless use of company equipment.

Premature prevention
It is important to prevent incidents before they happen. To do this, one needs to be able to see the holes in his security, and understand where problems would arise. After creating a network of accountability that would encompass every aspect of your corporate culture, we help foster values of care and fair use – with the right infrastructure in place, this will enable you to minimize undue losses and maximize profits.

Elite auditing
All of our consultants are trained and skilled Ex-operatives of various armed forces and security services, and they bring that level of knowledge, experience and skill into the field of loss prevention. Thinking of theft as enemy action, they will audit internal security and help find any and all problems in it before they come to the fore and cause harm to a business. This way, loss is prevented before the first incident ever happens.