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Company Profile

Avant Guard Security (AGS) is an integrated security company that supplies security solutions to private, public-service, and governmental sectors for a dynamic, changing environment. AGS offers consultant services, professional bodyguards.

Key Personnel:
The founders are former special-forces officers of the Defense Force and secret service, with extensive anti-terror combat experience involving the latest tactics, equipment, and skills.

Pinpoint or Comprehensive:
AGS supplies advanced security services to the complete security spectrum, from guarding individuals, events, offices, embassies, and other specific pinpoint needs to providing comprehensive solutions for aviation security, ground security, and other general requirements.

Sectoral or Cross-Sector:
AGS offers a wide range of security services not only within the private, public, and governmental sectors, but also integrated across those sectors. Customized security solutions from AGS are designed for adoption in an environment that is changing all the time.

Professionalism and Geographical Scope:
Drawn from various security organizations, the AGS professional staff is widely experienced in advanced security strategies. AGS is currently supplying professional experience and skilled human resources for many projects across Africa and around the world, including mining supervision, industrial security, residential security, and first intervention teams