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The complete package from Avant Guard covers these five steps:

1. Risk assessment — A reading of the current reality, an in-depth analysis of the current security measures and the security needs, and a risk-management report in concrete, measurable terms.

2. Security plan — Preparation of a holistic proposal to solve all the points of interfacing that make up the security challenge.

3. Infrastructure — Setting up an initial team and building the solution’s infrastructure in all its aspects: organizational, logistic, operational, and dynamic.

4. Instruction and training — Teaching tactical, martial, and organizational skills to the core personnel as appropriate to their individual responsibilities. Training can be basic, advanced, or specialized. It can cover counter terror operations, martial arts, air security, port security, VIP protection, and more.

5. Deployment — Monitoring and guiding the solution’s implementation, advising on procurement, controlling quality, and ensuring the proper results.
Within the five-step methodology, particular steps and stages can be selected or emphasized to fit the specific client’s requirements