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Executive protection

image005You may face many kind of threats; from deranged people, angry activists or the threat of crime, needed to be protected with the best gear and personal. This is where we come in.
Are you safe?

Be it a day in the office or a day at the beach; on business hours or on a vacation – once someone had achieved enough, a target appears on his back. There are many reasons why one would be a target for violence. Stalkers are a well-known, credible threat to all those in positions of power and fame. The criminal underworld can act against you for various reasons, from kidnapping for the sake of a ransom to hurting you in retaliation for failing to cave to their demands. Even ideological or business adversaries can seek to harm you.

Once someone becomes a target, the threat of violence looms over at all times. The only solution for a situation like this is elite personal guard, watching the target's back, as well as his family.

Elite protection
We provide 24/7 total protection. Our agents are highly trained ex-operatives of various armies and organizations; they have all started their careers as soldiers, or agents of various government originations and have extensive combat training. Every one of our agents has then completed advanced bodyguard training, and have put themselves between those they defended and their enemies. Add to that only the best gear money can buy; the end result is 24/7 total protection that lets our clients sleep well, knowing they are out of harms way.